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6 февраля 2017 г.
Scheduled 1-day Tours in English
SPECIAL OFFER! We offer something new – scheduled 1-day tours conducted in English! https://viapol.by/welcome_1day_en.htm
Now there’s no need to worry about language barrier. Choose one of the most popular tours – they are never cancelled – and discover Belarus with us!

Our coach tours around Minsk and other popular destinations are conducted on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Every week. All year round - from March 2 till December 30. All the tours start in the very heart of Minsk – near the Town Hall – look for a horse carriage!

• Each Thursday at 9.00: Castles Mir and Nesvizh
• Each Friday at 10.00: Minsk Sightseeing Tour
• Each Friday at 15.00: ‘Khatyn’ World War II Memorial
• Each Saturday at 10.00: Dudutki Old Folk Crafts Museum

There are no hidden extras – all of our tours are ALL INCLUSIVE! You will get:
• Comfortable coach travel
• All entrance tickets
• Excursions in the museums according to the program (English-speaking guides or audio-guides)
• Restaurant lunches (Included into tours to Mir-Nesvizh and Dududtki)
• Viapol souvenirs

See our programs – and book online or email us at info@viapol.by

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РБ, Минск, ул. Интернациональная, 14—4
тел./факс: (+375 17) 200 00 60, 200 00 84, 289 15 39, 328 36 39
тел. моб.: (+375 29) 689 15 39, 779 15 39
e-mail: info@viapol.by, viapol@tut.by