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Private and Corporate Tours
We are glad to offer you our knowledge and experience in putting together a bespoke tour that will meet your specific needs. Whatever the size of your party, your accommodation or food preferences, your budget or your timescale - just send us an email. Our tour guides are hand-picked for their knowledge and passion for history and their country and you can pick up a tour in either English, French, German or Polish.
You can choose a tour from options below, or email us a list of places you intend to visit, or a summary of your interests and we will create a custom itinerary to accommodate all your needs. We have a wide expertise in working with the fussiest clients and the deepest local knowledge. We offer an airport or train station pick up, private car hire with an experienced driver, a professional and caring guide. Email us and we will reply within 24 hours!

To help us meet your exact requirements, please provide us with the following information:
    • Number of people (any kids travelling with you?)
    • Dates and length of your stay
    • Cities and places of interest you would like to visit
    • Accommodation preferences
    • Transportation
    • Meal options (ВВ, НВ, FВ)
    • Sights and museums
    • Anything else?
Check out our programs below and order now!

1-day tours
Program number Itinerary Read more
Program 1.1
Minsk Sightseeing Tour (Nezavisimosti Avenue — Upper Town — Pobediteley Avenue — Trinity Suburb)Read more
Program 1.2
Dudutki — Old Folk Crafts Museum (Dudutki, excursion — animation)Read more
Program 1.3
Castles of Mir and Nesvizh (Mir — Nesvizh)Read more
Program 1.4
Khatyn World War II Memorial (Khatyn — Mound of Glory)Read more
Program 1.5
The Castle Road (Novogrudok — Lida) 
Program 1.6
Sula History Park — Rubezhevichi (Sula — Rubezhevichi) 
Program 1.7
‘O Paris, you are my second Vitebsk!’ (Vitebsk) 
Program 1.8
Grodno — the city of royal palaces and temples (Lida — Grodno) 
2-day tours
Program number 1 day 2 day Read more
Program 2.1
Minsk — DudutkiMir — NesvizhRead more
Program 2.2
Mir — BrestBialowieza Forest — Father Christmas’ ResidenceRead more
Program 2.3
Lida — MurovankaGrodno — KorobchicyRead more
Program 2.4
PolotskVitebskRead more
Program 2.5
PinskMotol — Kobrin 
3-day tours
Program number 1 day 2 day 3 day Read more
Program 3.1
MinskDudutkiMir — NesvizhRead more
Program 3.2
Minsk — KhatynMir — BrestBialowieza Forest — Father Christmas’ ResidenceRead more
Program 3.3
MinskLida — MurovankaGrodno — KorobchicyRead more
Program 3.4
Minsk — DudutkiPolotskVitebskRead more
Program 3.5
MinskPinskMotol — Kobrin 
4-day tours
Program number 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day Read more
Program 4.1
MinskDudutkiMir — NesvizhSula — Rubezhevichi 
Program 4.2
MinskMir — NesvizhBrestBialowieza ForestRead more
Program 4.3
MinskNovogrudok — LidaGrodnoKorobchicyRead more
Program 4.4
MinskMir — NesvizhPolotskVitebsk — ZdravnevoRead more
Program 4.5
MinskMir — NesvizhPinskMotol — Kobrin 
5-day tours
Program number 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day Read more
Program 5.1
MinskDudutkiMir — NesvizhKhatynSula — Rubezhevichi 
Program 5.2
MinskSula — RubezhevichiMir — NesvizhBrestBialowieza ForestRead more
Program 5.3
MinskDudutkiNovogrudok — LidaGrodnoKorobchicyRead more
Program 5.4
MinskMir — NesvizhDudutkiPolotskVitebsk — ZdravnevoRead more
Program 5.5
MinskDudutkiMir — NesvizhPinskMotol — Kobrin