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About Us

Pleased to meet you! Viapol is one of the oldest tourist companies in Belarus. We've been delivering group tours since 1992 - for over 20 years our mission to exceed your expectations has been recognised by consistent excellent customer feedback.

Developed by us, all of our tours are designed to make the most of your time in our beautiful country and to give you an authentic experience of Belarus. We love travelling ourselves and are dedicated to delivering the very best travel experiences to all our Clients.

Here is what makes us different:

1. Our mission is Cultural Tourism. Whether you are planning a day trip or a longer visit, our range of sightseeing tours will give you an unforgettable insight into our country and its people, leaving memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Every week over 200 tourists from all over the world explore Belarus with us.

3. We make sure there are loads of exciting and memorable things for you to do on our tours - from concerts and themed performances to local specialities tastings and castle tours. Each tourist gets a welcome pack with useful maps and nice little things to keep.

4. Everyone at Viapol is passionate about travelling. Our team of highly experienced professionals have a huge amount of knowledge about Belarus and will make sure you get the most from your trip. All of our staff have a university degree in tourism and are constantly continuing their professional development both in Belarus and abroad; they write city guides, books and articles in scientific press.

5. Our Guides are handpicked by us and are truly the best in the country. They are knowledgeable, smart, nice and caring and they want you to experience the best we have to offer. They love their country, with its magnificent history and culture that deserves to be brought alive.

6. Belarus is surrounded by wonderful neighbours and therefore we've developed a series of joint tours around Belarus and Poland, Belarus and Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

7. We have created all of our tours ourselves, we love our job and take pride in everything we do. And we are in constant search for new ideas!

   Sincerely yours,
      Dr Galina Potaeva, Director, and VIAPOL's friendly team

Office 4, 14 Internacionalnaya Street, Minsk 220030, Belarus
Tel/Fax: (+375 17) 270 00 60, (+375 17) 379 15 39, (+375 17) 328 36 39
Mob: (+375 29) 689 15 39, (+375 29) 779 15 39
E-mail: belarus@viapol.by
Anatoly Varavva
Guide, manager
Sergey Bytskevich
Galina Potaeva
Vice Director
Svetlana Iosko
Vice Director
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Vice Director
Katsiaryna Tserakhava
Vice Director
Olga Naidenko
Chief Accountant
Natalya Vorobey
Head of Department
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Head of Department
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Head of Department
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Elena Ivanova
Anastasia Strahova
Natalya Bolundo
Software Developer
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Travel agent
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Travel agent
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Travel agent
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