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7 February 2019
AITO - The Association of Independent Tour Operators
Беларусь присоединяется к крупнейшей Британской туристской ассоциации AITO — The Association of Independent Tour Operators — в качестве ассоциированного члена. Сотрудничество с AITO было инициировано Посольством Беларуси в Великобритании. Во время туристской выставки в Лондоне 9 ноября 2018 года состоялись переговоры с руководителем Ассоциации и белорусской стороной, которую представляли Посол Беларуси в Великобритании господин Сергей Алейник, представители БЕЛАВИА, Национального Агентства по туризму. И туристские фирмы (Виаполь, Прайм-тур).
А завтра, 8 февраля, в Лондоне в Посольстве Беларуси состоится встреча с представителями AITO, презентация туристского потенциала Беларуси и подписание документов о вступлении Беларуси в качестве ассоциированного члена. От Виаполя с презентацией широкой линейки туров по Беларуси выступит менеджер Елена Иванова
1 December 2018
Architecture and tourism
The Belarusian chapel in London has become the best building of the year! This is an architectural Oscar.
Great news — and how interesting:
1. Chapel — Belarusian
2. Religion — Uniate
3. Built — in the UK
4. The author of the project is from Hong Kong.

Historical continuity in action: Belarusian multinational and multi-religious in one building!

The architect of the chapel — the British architect originally from Hong Kong Tszwai So, he became a parishioner of the church. Architectural Bureau Spheron Architects, London.
Read more: https://news.tut.by/culture/617390.html
21 November 2018
Tourist exhibition in Warsaw
22 — 24 November in Warsaw will be held the International Fair of Tourism — TT Warsaw-2018. The exhibition will bring together travel companies from about 50 countries. The exhibition will be a presentation of tourist potential of Belarus. Information about tourist opportunities in Belarus will be provided some regions, and the Tour Operator Viapol (presentation by the company's manager Sergey Bytskevich). He will tell about the company's offers for Polish tourists. There are numerous tours to the places associated with the overall outstanding personalities of the history and culture of Belarus and Poland: Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Adam Mickiewicz, Eliza Orzeszkowa, Romuald Traugutt, Tadeusz Reitan, Czeslaw Niemen and many others ... This is the most Attractive tours of tourist centers of Belarus — Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, Novogrudok and others. These are also pilgrimage centers and important religious shrines: the Budslav sanctuary, the Farne churches in Novogrudok, Nesvizh, Grodno.

In Viapol tourists from Poland — are always welcome. And some of the most inquisitive! Last year exports of travel services of Poland tourists in Viapol amounted to more than 100 thousand dollars — sightseeing tours around Belarus length of 5-8 days are popular! In total, Viapol last year received tourists from 46 countries of the world.
27 September 2018
Congratulations on Tourism Day!
Today is World Tourism Day! A wonderful holiday. On our home page is written: "After Bunin, we believe that "it makes us happy by three things: love, interesting work and travel". In our interesting work we combined a love to tourists and to traveling.
Happy Holiday!
10 September 2018
15 countries
On Friday, September 7, 2018, tourists from 15 countries took part in the Minsk City Tour! Of course, do not be a visa-free, do not be the online payment system on our website, it would be difficult to organize all this...
The result: sunny weather, good route, a delicious lunch with a wonderful view from the restaurant "Panorama", language diversity and the incredible power of the combination of so many different people / nations — the tour was succesfull!
Thank you, Daria Leshchenko, for the excellent organization!
3 September 2018
The winner of the competition Operalia
The rule of three handshakes ...
Pavel Petrov, who for several years in a row took part in the New Year's concerts in the Town Hall for Viapol tourists, won the world's most prestigious opera competition "Operalia 2018". Competition organized by maestro Placido Domingo — and from his hands won the prize! Bravo, Pavel!
As Alexandr Chahovski wrote, "This is how to win the Champions League if you are not in the subject. For the first time in the history of Belarus !!!!!!!!"