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10 December 2019
Conference in the sphere of agroecotourism
On the 10th of December 2019 travel agence "Viapol" took part in annual conference in the sphere of agroecotourism. "Viapol" was invited as an expert in the field of cooperation between tour operators and farmsteads. Deputy Director of "Viapol" Ekaterina Druzhinina participated in the panel discussion. Traditionally, the conference gathered together a large number of "direct" participants in the process of the development of the rural tourism movement:
- owners of the farmsteads from different regions of Belarus;
- the initiators of the movement — the association "Rest in the Village" headed by Valeria Klitsunova;- representatives of the scientific community on agroecotourism — Faculty of International Affairs, BSU;
- foreign guests, farmers, who both shared their experience and gained the experience from Belarusians colleagues;
Ekaterina Druzhinina in her speech poined on the peculiarities of cooperation between tour operators and farmsteads and evalueted the perspectives of this cooperation.
Detailes in the material — https://wildlife.by/recreation-and-tourism/news/aktualnye-problemy-razvitiya-agroturizma-obsudili-na-itogovoy-konferentsii/
The next year in the world has been declared as the year of rural and ecological tourism! And we have something to say!
Video report from the conference is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_cAgMcvw4h8tYB5Gypgc-qbTLzVc93b7/view.