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16 April 2020
Anniversary with Anatoly Varavva
Today is the charming (!!!) anniversary — 20 years of cooperation, love, friendship with Anatoly Varavva! On April 16, 2000, Anatoly conducted the first excursion for the tourists of "Viapol" on the theme "Architecture of the Naliboki Region", and in 2004 entered the state of "Viapol". Since then, many things have been done by Anatoly Varavva: thousands of excursions for many tens of thousands of tourists; new routes created for "Viapol"; discovering the beauties of Belarus for native tourists; discovering the charm of Belarus for foreign tourists — both in Russian and under translation. Anatoly Georgievich is really a wonderful guide! Smart, encyclopedic knowledgeable, not flirting with tourists and facts. What can I say — a diamond!

And one more detail — the first excursion on April 16, 2000 was with students of the Faculty of Architecture of BNTU — Yana Potaeva was still studying there ... Coincidence, probably)))