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'O Paris, you are my second Vitebsk!'
Route SB-2.11: Vitebsk (lunch included)
This tour is conducted in RUSSIAN with museum audio guides in English.
"Oh, Paris! You are my second Vitebsk!" - the greatest artist of the XX century Mark Chagall exclaimed. You will get acquainted with the heritage of this great painter - Vitebsk is its homeland…

The tour price includes:
    • Comfortable coach travel
    • Russian-speaking guide
    • Entrance tickets to Museum of Marc Chagall
    • Entrance tickets to Museum of the Vitebsk People Art School
    • Museum audio guides in English
    • Restaurant lunch
    • Viapol souvenirs
    • Help of our friendly guides☺
This tour will start from RSDRP Museum - Minsk, 31а Nyezalyezhnastsi pr. (near Victory square). On the way to Vitebsk we will learn about the historical events and the development of Belarusian nationhood. Arrival to Vitebsk. The city, royally established on the Western Dvina, originated in the 10th century and played a major role in the history of Belarus. During the VITEBSK SIGHTSEEING TOUR you will visit its historical part with preserved and restored buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. You will see the symbol of the Magdeburg city law - the graceful town hall, built in 1775. On the high bank of the Western Dvina there is one of the monumental buildings of old Vitebsk - the Governor's Palace (XVIII c.), which keeps the memory of the turbulent past city. Napoleon Bonaparte stayed here during the war of 1812, many other famous personalities. Restored on the steep bank of the Vitba River, the Assumption Cathedral of the former Basilian monastery became an elegant dominant of the city. You will also see the Resurrection Church - a monument of Vilna baroque architecture; the restored Byzantine-style church of the Annunciation. The cultural heritage of Vitebsk also includes the historically established planning structure of the city, buildings in the Art Nouveau style. During the tour you will see a stylized medieval tower "Dukhovskoy Kruglik", funny street sculptures, original small architectural forms. A walk along the picturesque pedestrian street of the city with souvenir shops, art galleries, coffee shops ...

At the beginning of the 20th century, Vitebsk turned into a kind of a symbol of the dynamic art of the world-famous "Vitebsk School", the brilliant representatives of which were the brilliant Marc Chagall, the author of the mysterious "Black Square" Konstantin Malevich, the creator of the Russian seasons in Paris Mstislav Dobuzhinsky. The works of these artists are exhibited in the largest museums of the world and glorified our school of painting. Visit to the MUSEUM OF MARC CHAGALL in a house on Pokrovskaya Street, which in the early 1900s. built the father of Marc Chagall and where the artist spent his youthful years. The museum presents household items of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, archival documents telling about the life of Marc Chagall in Vitebsk. And then - delicious LUNCH in the restaurant.

The events of the early twentieth century in Vitebsk laid the foundation not only for the Russian (Vitebsk was in the Russian Empire as a provincial center), but also for the world avant-garde. Vitebsk artists on historical and spiritual law are the successors of the Suprematist traditions laid down by K. Malevich with the "Approver of the new art" (UNOVIS). The heritage left by them in Vitebsk is perceived today as a genetic code capable of giving birth to new and new talents... A visit to the new MUSEUM of the VITEBSK PEOPLE ART SCHOOL located in the original building; here you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of the avant-garde of the 20s. of the twentieth century, this art was born here - changed the world. The museum is high-tech, equipped with exclusive multimedia equipment - you will get acquainted with interactive expositions of the European level, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions... No wonder Vitebsk is called the cultural capital of Belarus! Free time. Transfer to Minsk. Have a good trip!
Price per person:

Price per person

25 EUR
80 BYN
24 EUR
70 BYN

Duration: 580 km, 14 h
Starting point: 7.30, Victory square - Minsk, RSDRP Museum, 31а Nyezalyezhnastsi pr.
End of tour: Victory square