Castles of Mir and Nesvizh
Route SB-1.1.1: Mir - Nesvizh (lunch included)
This tour is conducted in RUSSIAN with museum audio guides in English.
You will see the most valuable monuments of Belarus listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Castles of Mir and Nesvizh…
Mir. Castle XVI cent.
Near the Castle
Mir Castle
Inner Yard
Dining Room
Inner Yard of the Castle
Ball Room
Suit of Armour
Dining Room
Portraits of the Radziwill Family
Study in the Castle Tower
Dancing Master Class
Hunting Room
Museum Pieces
Castle Basement
Spiral Stairs in the Tower
Restaurant in the Castle XVI cent.
Inner Yard
Chapel of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family, 1910
Castle at Night
Nesvizh. City Hall and Shopping Arcade, 1596
Lake in Nesvizh
Slutsk Gates
Farny Church, 1593. Early Baroque Style
Fresco Painting in the Church
Farny Church, 1593
The Radziwill Castle in Nesvizh, 1584
Inner Yard
View of the Castle
Ramparts around the Castle
Nesvizh Castle
Inner Yard of the Castle
Fireplace Lounge
Great Hall
Inside the Castle
Hunting Room
In the Chapel
Small Dining Room
The Old Park of Nesvizh
Mikolaj Krzysztof 'the Orphan' Radziwill
Sculpture of a Dog in the Park